Planned by those closest to me like some big organised secret, you surprised me on the beach. The sun was setting and you looked beautiful. I was crying, I was that happy to see you and the look on your face knew that I would be. 
You said you were going to move overseas with me like you had planned it all along. It was truly a overwhelming feeling of completion. As if everything had finally fallen into place.
I leave for London in less than a month and leaving everything behind. But the reality that I’ll be leaving behind the hope of ever being apart of your life, or even seeing you again just sunk in. 
It’s been over 3 years and despite my worst efforts, I haven’t been able to fill your void. Whats worse, is that I don’t know if I ever will.
I have glimpsed the future in dreams before. 
Hopefully in the next 3 weeks, I wake up to this one.